Essential Information

Over 30 years of encouraging citizen activism.


Founded in 1982 by Ralph Nader, Essential Information is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization. We are involved in a variety of projects to encourage citizens to become active and engaged in their communities. We provide provocative information to the public on important topics neglected by the mass media and policy makers.

Essential Information has published the Multinational Monitor Magazine, books and reports, sponsored investigative journalism conferences, provided writers with grants to pursue investigations and operated clearing houses which disseminate information to grassroots organizations in the United States and throughout the world.

Project Updates

republic report

Republic Report

Republic Report is dedicated to rooting out the corruption that is so corrosive to American values. We investigate and uncover the buying and selling of politicians and of institutions entrusted with upholding the public interest. We expose how big money distorts major policy decisions – harming our economy and our people.